Investing via Coinbase

Sign up for Coinbase.

This first step is to sign up for a Coinbase account. Provide correct sing up details. Please provide correct first name and last name, otherwise during the identity verification it will fail verification.
Sign up and enjoy your $10 of free bitcoin!

Accept Agreement

Accept the agreement and click create account.

Email Verification

Check your email and verify your ownership of email by clicking the link received in the email.

Account Type

Begin by selecting your account type. Select “Individual”.

Provide Contact detail

Enter correct local phone number.  This is required for 2 step verification and digital transfers from your wallets.

Identity Verification

You have to provide Identity proofs like Driving license or Passport or any other national identity document to verify yourself.  Please provide good quality pictures of your identity documents otherwise it might delay your process to buy your cryptocurrencies.

Upload Documents Method

You can upload documents by webcam or mobile camera. Choose best method in the context of quality picture.  Once your identity has been verified, you can add payment method as below.

Choose Payment Method

Select payment method like debit card or credit card or Bank account. Some banks do not allow debit card transfer to Coinbase so you can use credit cards in those cases. Credit card limit is less than bank accounts.

Adding Bank account will require you to confirm the pending transactions sent to your bank account. These pending transactions will be rolled back in few business days. You need to note these down and verify it on the Coinbase Account to verify the ownership of your bank account. If you do not want this hassle, then use credit card.

Buy Cryptocurrency

Now you can buy cryptocurrencies by paying by your preferred payment method.

Buy Cryptocurrency from Coinbase Video