Manage your Cryptocurrency Portfolio in Excel

This excel sheet let you manage your cryptocurrency portfolio privately without sharing your data on public website which sales your data and spams you. In cryptocurrency world, your data (email/names) is being sold for a good price. So it an attempt to let you privately manage your cryptocurrency at your desktop.

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There are two sheets in the this excel file. “Cryptocurrencies7 Porfolio” which enables you to choose the cryptocurrencies you invested in at what rate. Rest is managed automatically. It brings its price data from external website.

Do not update the another sheet called “DoNotChange”. It contains master data from external website.

Excel Cryptocurrencies Portfolio Snapshot

It is a property of which free for its users/customers.

Manage your Cryptocurrency Portfolio in Excel

1) Download the excel file My Cryptocurrencies Template from the
2) Open the file in latest excel you have got.
3) Change the “Coin Amount” and “Coin Cost to you” columns & that is it.
4) You just need to refresh it by clicking on the button under data menu as shown below. It will update the price of each coins in your portfolio.

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