Tools & Websites can get you all information about cyptocurrencies’ price and price history. They also supports free api which can be integrated into your own application and website. let you find cheapest bitcoin/ altcoin rates. Convert between any currency pair. Including your local currency. Compare rates on different exchanges. Search from over 1,000 currency pairs. Latest exchange data.

It let you transfer your cryptocurrency to another alt cryptocurrency without having you to open an account with them. It is clever way so that you do not have suffer custodial risk like you have when you use exchange.

CoinGecko has recently attracted lots of attention. It has customisable dashboard for the users. All cryptocurrencies features on the website. it must deserve once try.

it is one of most resource websites. it contains information about the altcoins and concurrency exchanges available across the world.

it contains information about the altcoins, concurrency exchanges & market data. It has easy UI and navigation is quite user friendly.

Fxdata focus on the need of the cryptocurrency trader. The unique features are its margin financing, order-books and sentiments data with rich charts. You can download data for offline play with csv format.

It is useful website with real time statistics of bitcoin based cryptocurrencies like bitcoin & Litecoin. it also provides mining and difficulty status of these cryptocurrencies.

This website contains bitcoin related data. It is easy to navigate in the context of fiat currencies and bitcoin. it also enable API integration with good documentation guide.