Where do cryptocurrency come from?

With paper money (fiat currency like US dollar, Pound or Indian Rupees) , a government decides when to print and distribute money guaranteed & backed by the gold (partially these days). Most Cryptocurrency do not have a central entity or government.

With cryptocurrency, miners, (owner of high specs hardware and mining client software) use the software to solve math problems and are issued a certain number of rewards as mining currency in exchange. This provides a clever way to issue the currency and also creates a motivation for more people to mine.

What is mining pool?

In the early launch of coin ,for example Bitcoin or Ether, Coins are easy to mine due to lower difficult level set for the coin. As cryptocurrency ages, its difficulty level is set to increase exponentially making it harder and requiring high more powerful hashing CPU and GPU for the mining machine.  Due to this, miners come together and form a pool of themselves and mines the cryptocurrency and share the rewards.

Is mining always profitable?

No it is not always profitable these days. You have to calculate the total hashing power of your machines and cost and then see how many coins your machine(s) can generate. On internet, You can find how specific coin is profitable. There are many websites which can help.
For example:
Whattomine – Cryptocurrency Mining Calculators
Coinwarz – Cryptocurrency Mining Calculators

Lets do simple CPU electroneum (ETN) Mining

  • You need to create a wallet account on electroneum.
  • Get a public address (For example, etnk4hTtRE8Sb3gj1Edw2zXqArKZsWPYx2NUwSKtqdmpd8PBosrkF6mCcofFHixkfE23NtbHV96x7D7UktfWoW629kTymhqq1j) from your account.
  • Download the pool mining software from the downloads.electroneum.com. You might get a warning from the browser for this downloaded file but it is fine.
  • Install it and run the installed software. Input your public address in the address field.
  • click on the start mining button and you are a MINER!
  • There are many mining software available for specific coins. For example, You can use Sumo easy miner tool to do the similar mining as mentioned above. For step by step quite please follow the mine using Sumo easy miner link.